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a large percentage of my jobs have had me producing flat design, but my primary obsession is flash. beside the freelance jobs I've taken building flash apps and assets for flash sites, much of what I've done in flash is experiement with movement and interaction models. below are a selection of links that have examples of this experimentation. in time elements of these files will be worked into my primary website (may 2007) but for now you'll just have to enjoy them here.

large scale photo movement

january 2007 | personal site early build
I wrote this navigation to make use of my photography, which everyone liked. I stopped writing this site because I discovered MC Tween (it saves the world), and wanted to rewrite it to make use of the MC Tween extension package (rather than my own processor intensive onEnterFrame events) but got sidetracked by my 65 hour + work week at the time.

my student flash site

september 2006 | personal student site
I wrote this site in one night after an interview at MRM to replace my first flash website. everyone always liked this one, in the interactive section there are some fun toys, like falling leaves, bouncing balls, a rotating menu, and the ability to draw on the screen. no, it's not broken, I deliberately wrote many of those interactive widgets to be simultaneously functional, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

scale to screen

november 2006 | personal site early build
I stopped working on this site because the onEnterFrame events were too taxing on the processor. pretty much everything moves in this one, which I really like, and the vertical bands in the background are generated dynamically.

3d engine build

february 2007 | 3d pulling through space
so here an artificial camera, and an artificial coordinate plane are set up to display all of the objects in the scene (or rather both the array and the movie clip that I dump the objects into), it works pretty well (in fact it's the engine I used for my portfolio on my current site) but I want to add a focal length change to the camera (rather than having the camera move along the z axis), and a break the movement into two steps (xy then z) then I'll be a bit more satisfied with it.

barbasol game navigation

october 2006 | barbasol banner
I didn't quite have time to finish this, but it was an early experiment in making things move in a banner sized space

falling leaves

july 2006 | falling leaves
this was one of my earliest experiements in dynamic random placement, were I to do it nowadays I think it would work a lot better... perhaps it's time to rework it again.
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