Here, in this wonderful page, you'll find a collection of all the advertising work I've done at Pratt Institute, it's here just in case you didn't get enough when you looked at my portfolio. Also, I will include project descriptions, in case you were confused by the ads on my portfolio page. Since I like copywriting, the copy will also appear here, seperately from the ads, just so there's no mistaking the word "the" for the word "cake" or the word "their" for the phrase "honey do you remember where I left the binoculars?" because the two are easily confused. There is also a handy dandy e-mail button at the bottom of the page that you can use to request larger versions of the images on this site.
adidas - flood adidas - fire adidas - robbery
I like shoes. This is one of three shoe campaigns I've done at Pratt. The idea is that the Adidas are very important. The first ad on the left is supposed to be a pair of adidas having survived a flood, the middle a fire, and the right-most and final is the Adidas luckily having been left behind after a burglary. The copy should be legible in the images, if it's not, please e-mail me and let me know, I'll send you a copy and post it here on the site.
brahma - beer, upside-down brahma - beer, with antigravity powers brahma - beer with a high pitched voice
This is my first attempt at a beer campaign. It's for a little known Brazilian Beer called "Brahma" The idea here is that Brahma is beer for life, and activity, and fun, and happy. When I pitched my roughs to my advertising instructors the imagery was a bit different. My original line was "turn your idea of beer upside down" which I liked a lot better, and the original images were of parties with people partying on the ceiling and different variations on that theme. My instructors said that this was better, but I still regret making the changes.
puma - i like it rough puma - pretty colors puma - riveting
This was my first shoe campaign. Since I have about ten pairs of Pumas, when I had the chance to pick my assignment I decided to pick something that I am rather familiar with. Puma! Puma! Puma! The campaign is "love your shoes" and there's fun sexual innuendo. The idea behind the whole thing being that people who wear Puma are usually really into wearing Puma.
nike - achieve perfection starbucks - it's warmer than you think starbucks - now opening on mount everest
Rounding out the shoes is this fun stand-alone I did for Nike. The tag is simple: achieve perfection I had some fun with these. As you can see (when you open them) they're Starbucks ads. However, I did something a little outside of the normal Starbucks formula. I felt like the Starbucks ads were a little presentational, and not truly engaging. They usually just show you the coffee, not the positive effect of drinking it, as I attempted to do here.
Of course the effects are slightly exaggerated, but only slightly.
san diego wild animal park - tongue jetblue - like a flying livingroom jetblue - just about as cheap
My professor loved this ad upon its debut in class. His first comment was that it looked rather unrealistic, but then I explained that that is in fact a photo of me being licked by a giraffe. Yes, I've been licked by a giraffe, and no, I am not ashamed. So, my family lives in California, and I'm going to school in NY. Therefore, I've become a frequent passenger of Jetblue. These two ads hint at two very important properties of Jetblue: comfort, and cost. I wonder, in hindsight, whether I should have reintegrated my original headlines: "like a flying living room" and "just about as cheap." People loved the tagline though, in case you can't read it: "pretty fricken' close to reality"
better burger - better body better burger - better buns better burger - better biceps
There's this really interesting burger chain in NY called Better Burger NYC. This was a class assignment to investigate and make a print campaign for better burger. What do we discover? In reality, nothing, but through the magic of humorous advertising, eating hamburgers makes you hot. Or...beefy. Or maybe just better...
Here are three ads for JP Morgan. The first two are clearly part of a campaign, the last (on the right) is a one-shot. Copy below.
Strength: a strong foundation is essential to many things: houses, trees, education. Your financials need it too. Give your financials unshakable roots by investing in a firm with experience, ingenuity, and integrity. Invest in you, invest in us. Growth: in order to make your kids as sturdy as that overgrown tree in your backyard, they need proper excecise, nutrition, and rest. To make your financials as sturdy you need an investment firm with experience, ingenuity, and integrity. You need us.
One of my advertising assignments at Pratt was for an organization called "the Lung Caner Alliance." I did the mark in these images as well, which can be found on the graphics page. To make these more personal for myself, I used members of my own family. Please send me an e-mail if you can't read the copy.
This is the first advertising assignment I had at Pratt. The assignment: "make a horror movie poster." It was extremely exciting at the time. I still think the line is a fun one. "When Mass Transit Becomes Mass Murder." First, let me start by saying this:
That said, when I was given an assignment to do a print campaign for "any cable tv channel." I jumped on the Tennis Channel. The idea: Tennis is getting bigger. I went with the line "Tennis Multiplied" because it fits.
if you touch me there i'll...laugh
i'm frightened by your advertising wizardry