Justin J Byrne started out designing crappy websites in the glory days of HTML 3.0, when tables and frames were the strongest tools at our disposal as web designers. Justin's prattling about eventually lead to real design prowess, in the same way that continually hitting things with your car teaches you to drive properly. Eventually one comes to realize that good design is not only visually stimulating, but usable, malleable, legible, and at the very best captivating. This is the philosophy with which Justin approaches his problems.

Byrne attended classes at UC Irvine for two years studying a mixture of biology, drama, and studio art, thereafter he transfered to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in order to study advertising.

Justin has worked as a freelance graphic designer and webdesigner for more than 8 years, and currently interns at a small advertising agency in New York while finishing his degree.