this is the version six beta. justin j byrne's portfolio site.
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lux adluvio cella week 1
here it is, the beginning of my 2008 self promo. this weeks theme is the ever trendy lines + rainbow. all textures are from original photographs, and all graphics are made in illustrator then altered in photoshop.
lux adluvio cella week 2
this week's theme: composites featuring the words "version six"
lux adluvio cella week 3
this week's theme: road signs of the obvious.
excuse me for using the same background, I have an interview in the morning.
this week didn't turn out so well, too much running around.
next week: i don't know yet, but something will come to me. maybe some motion graphics.
there should be a flash app here. if there isn't, then you should get flash.
this is kind of random, but fun. type something and press enter to see it animate like the original text, if you want to change the size type: "edit size 25" or whatever size you want, without the quotes. type "change" again without the quotes, to change the way it animates, there are only two animation types right now.